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A Tango story: from its shadows to its light

Platon, the Greek philosopher, pointed out in his most well-known piece of work, “The Republic”, that “music is to the soul what gym is to the body”.

In an attempt to split up this idea to understand its meaning, we infer that Plato’s thesis defends the impression that music, singing, or any form of art, strengthens the human mind, heart and spirit.

After March 20th, day in which the mandatory lock-down began in Argentina, Alejandro Reyna became homeless as a result of the difficult financial situation that this society is going through due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Confronting this unfortunate situation, Alejandro had no other alternative but to reinvent himself.  He made good use of his talents and took over Buenos Aires’ streets, singing Tango in every corner to make a living.

He positioned himself in different locations in Buenos Aires until he arrived at a pizza shop in the neighbourhood known as Mataderos.  At this place, the owner, who did take pity on the passer-by, but above all was delighted by his voice, decided to let him stay at the shop for a few days.

Once he had settled in the pizza shop, the owner asked Alejandro to sing a theme to enliven the moment. The few people who were present at the shop were marvelled by his impressive and thunderous voice, and so began to film with their mobile phones the surprising and wonderful voice that came from the bar at the shop.

With an arm leaning on the bar, with a cap covering his head and with several gestures, Alejandro sang in a style that recalled the tango films from the 1940s “De puro curda (Totally Drunk)”:

“Che, waiter!  Serve one more drink of beer,

I drink without a reason,

I don’t do it because of love, which would be an old habit,

Neither do I do it to fool my heart…

I don’t care what people say

about me spending my life in front of a bar

It doesn’t mean I’m not a decent man

I don’t lose my manhood, nor do I spoil my honour”.

After his informal presentation, and because of the eagerness of those present to share what had happened, news programs, journalists, influencers and even show business men and women contacted Alejandro to interview him, to get some words out of him and to offer him a job.

“I’ve been working in the shadows for a very long time, and this suddenly happens” pointed out the tango singer who has been frequently compared with Uruguayan Julio Sosa, during an interview for a local news show.

While the lock-down remains current in the city of Buenos Aires, natural singer Alejandro Reyna will keep on singing to strengthen his soul, and a beautiful consequence of this is that many surprises will follow his singing.

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