We’re a community of passionate TANGO lovers seeking to promote and spread the milonguero art around the world. We’ve brought together the best of this beautiful culture for you.

We want to hear from you and learn about the “Tango Experience” in your city, country or community. We want you to share with us your passion for dance, for the songs, and for the lyrics, for the culture and everything related to Milonga. We also want you to immerse yourself with what other tango lovers have to tell and teach you through us.

This invitation goes out to teachers, professors, musicians, singers, dancers, students, school, specialists, researchers, dance halls, dance studios, and anyone who wants to participate with comments, music, videos, calendar and tango events.

We are thrilled to see, read and hear your stories within the tango community with the most passion around the world. Step up and share your experience with us.

As always, we’re waiting for you, with a corte and a quebrada.