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Alejandra Mantiñán, a tango dancing ángel.

We’re presenting the greatest tango spectacle who partnered with some of the greatest dancers. Learn a bit more about Alejandra Mantiñán.

Receive with applause and a standing ovation while walking away. Appear on the cover of magazines and in the pages of newspapers. Being recognized as “Los piez milagrosos” (Miraculous feet), for dancing tango like an angel. Having gone to more than 300 cities dancing and teaching. Being considered one of the most inspiring dancers in modern times.

It can seem like a list of hopes and dreams but, it’s not, it’s just a brief history of Alejandra Mantiñán.

When Alejandra was very young, she suffered an accident, and soon her mother encouraged her to practice dance to combat the physical and psychological trauma caused by the accident. From then on, her relationship with dance became unbreakable. Love, passion, dedication and sacrifice are considered the winning ingredients for her to conquer the worlds greatest stages and shows, such as “Tango Pasión” and “Tango Seducción”.

Alejandra is, without a doubt, one of the greatest dancers of current times. Her style has been described as explosive and expressive with each step. With precise changes in tempo, intelligent pauses and smooth elegant movents, her show has become a mastercall of traditional milonga, reinforced with the life of a fine soul and modern times.

As well as being a consecrated dancer, she has show to be a greatly charismatic and talented, putting those skills to good use, teaching throughout all of her years as an artist. Since she was 18, when she began to teach the national dance, she moved her life towards promoting dance as the wonderful professor she was.

For a long season, she danced with her partners Gustavo Russo and Gabriel Missé and also appeared in shows from the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese. Also presenting at important international festivals working with Horacio Godoy, Diego Reimer and Aoniken Quieroga.

Alejandra Mantiñán, a talented tanguero to applaud and learn from.

Here we’ll share a bit of her work and shes moves:

© images/videos credits: Raquel-tango.com; Edoardo Lapegna; youtube:Cam castillo

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