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Tango & Cinema: Troilo in cinema.

Part 4
Autor: Isidro Aguirree

Aníbal Troilo participated in five movies:

The first one is “Los tres berretines”, released May 19, 1933, directed by Enrique Telémaco Susini and starring Luis Arata, Luis Sandrini and Luisa Vehil. Pichuco, that was only 18 years old by that time, performed the tango “Araca la cana” written by Enrique Delfino and Mario Rada.

“El tango vuelve a París” followed. It was released January 16, 1948, directed by Manuel Romero and the leading parts were portrayed by Alberto Castillo, Elvira Ríos, Severo Fernández, Fernando Lamas and Lilian Valmar. Obsessed with a Mexican singer an Argentine doctor arrives to Paris, where he finds his true identity far away from his land, transforming himself to a tango singer.

The third film is “Mi noche triste” released January 3, 1952. Directed by Lucas Demare. It is a free version of Pascual Contursi´s private life and the leading part was played by Jorge Salcedo (Raúl Berón sung his parts), Diana Maggi, María Esther Gamas, Blanca del Prado and Jacinto Herrera. Troilo makes his appearance with his orchestra and they play “Mi noche triste”, “Ventanita de arrabal”, “Qué querés con esa cara” and “El porteñito”.

He later participated in the movie “Vida nocturna” released March 18, 1955, directed by Leo Fleider and Carlos A. Petit and Alfredo Ruanova´s script. The leading parts were portrayed by Guillermo Battaglia, Tato Bores, José Marrone and Olinda Bozán. The movie takes place in a cabaret, an ideal place for musical numbers to develop. Pichuco´s orchestra, alongside Jorge Casal, interpret “La cantina”.

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