Sebastián Arce and Mariana Montes
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Arce & Montes

They are one of the most fascinating tango couples of the last years.

Sebastián and Mariana were created by God, and tango brought them together.

They are one of the most fascinating tango couples of the last years.

“God creates them and they gather up together”. This is a popular saying commonly used in Latin American culture to refer to the union- casual or meant to be- of people with the same tastes, attitudes or aptitudes. (The English term would be “Birds of a feather flock together”).

Sebastián Arce and Mariana Montes serve as an exquisite example of the popular beliefs. The coming together of these two built a gratifying, fruitful and pleasurable tango alliance for the hungry eyes to enjoy. Together they constructed one of most spectacular dancing duos of all times.

Sebastián and Mariana were created by God, and tango brought them together. 

Mariana had a clear dream while growing up of becoming a classical or folklore dancer. Sebastián, on the other hand, was born in Santiago del Estero, away from the idea of becoming a dancer. However, his father took him to Buenos Aires (after getting divorced) and inscribed him in a dance school since he saw aptitudes in his son. He wasn´t mistaken. Things developed in such way, that the encounter between Arce and Montes was the only missing part.

The first encounter took place in a folklore dancing school in Buenos Aires in the 80’s. They saw each other in different dance schools since they were still very young kids who had the same musical tastes. As time went by, they started recognizing each other and came closer together. They become dance and learning buddies.

Music, dance, milonga hug, intertwining hands, faces always together, bated breath, racing heartbeats and a milonga professor that encouraged them “Hug her more intensely, Arce. And Mariana don´t let his neck lose.”

Did they fall in love? Of course they did. They fell head over feet while using milonga as an excuse. And while they fell in love with each other, we fell for them. Their moves and figures. Watching them dance or hugging while doing so was equally exhilarating. The talent and the passion that they brought to the dance floor was always hypnotizing.

The Arce-Montes couple evolved its technique in a very short period of time. In the beginning, they did presentations in the streets of Buenos Aires and for tourists. They then started to dictate classes in various academies. They were suddenly very well known in the artistic world and showbusiness. Tango critics and lovers compared them to such tango couples as Copes-Nieves or Zotto-Plebs.

It was all going according to plan: God delivered them and they found each other. There was still one thing left: getting on with the adventure of conquering the world with their dance. So they packed up their bags and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Paris, London and Moscow are some of the cities were they stayed the most time. They visited more than 140 cities while performing in festivals, presentations and academies, exposing the authentic Argentine tango.

They even got to participate in tango movies. Arce in the film by the Spanish director Carlos Saura, “Tango” (1998). In a similar way, as a couple, they created the show “Piazzolleando”, And they collaborated in the making of the for “Éxodo Tangueado”.

They earnt a name and a reputation for the tango fan due to the fact that they are an astonishing tango couple in times of other rhythms consuming the market. They became tango ambassadors creating and teaching this art around he world. This went on until there was a stepback in the way.

There was a full stop as a sentimental couple and this resulted in an important disruption in the world show Arce-Montes.

The differences that they faced as a couple diverted their ways as artists for a while. During this time they both continued working separately. Mariana packed her dancing shoes and flew to Italy to start her dancing academy while Sebastián traveled to Moscow to find new scenarios.

They went on teaching and though we were deprived of their art as a couple for some time, as life would have it, and as that milonga teacher once told them “Hug her more intensely. And Mariana don´t let him lose”,tango reunited them in the dance floor as a couple. Luckily for us.

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