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Argentine couple recover Tango World Cup

Since 2016 an argentine couple hasn’t been able to win the Tango World Cup in Stage Tango. This year it came back home in the hands of Hugo Mastrolorenzo and Agustina Vignau as the winners.

In their first appearance, an argentine couple took home first place at the International Tango Festival and World Cup in the stage dance.

The Argentinians Andres Rodriguez and Estefania Belen Gomez showed their prowess at the final with a song by Astor Piazzolla and took home first place in their very first showing at the International Tango Festival and World Cup.  With a score of 9711 points, they over took the other 19 couples that had made their way to the final at the amazing Luna Park venue. Apart from receiving the title of Best Stage Tango dancer from International Tango Festival and World Cup, they also took home a generous prize pool as well as an all expense paid trip to Madrid, Spain.

A sold-out show and a spectacular sta e was prepared to receive the grand finale, the tango show started with a projection of a moving video by Astor Piazzolla, Amelita Baltar and Horacio Ferrer with the purpose of commemorating the 50th anniversary of “Balada para un loco”.

There were 744 couples that made their way through the competition, ranging from 36 different countries. Placing as well in this category, stage Tango, was another Julian Sanchez and Bruna Estellina, also argentine, and the couple Nicolas and German Filipeli, twin brothers, they stood out as being one of the few pairs with two male dancers.

An argentine couple hasn’t won this category since 2016. Hugo Mastrolorenzo and Agustina Vignau were the International Tango Festival and World Cup stage tango winners. The following year, in 2017, a couple composed of Japanese Axel Arakaki and the argentine Agustina Tarchinise took home first place. At the 2018 showing the Russian couple Dimitry Vasin and Sagdiana Khamzina had sown they were the best in the world.

To this effect, Hugo Mastrolorenzo and Agustina Vignau, the 2016 champions, were charged with preparing a montage of choreographies from previous years to celebrate the opening of the great gala.

© images credits: Irina Dambrauska

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