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Chiche Núñez

The importance of style

It started like a typical Argentinian story: a young literature and literature and philosophy student takes his first steps down in the underbelly of Buenos Aires. His way out is plastered by many teachings, life changing experiences and encounters. And of course is blessed and coursed by the Tango spell.

His thirst for Tango knowledge was strong. In the first months he got closer to many well-known and emerging dancers and teachers, like Fabián Salas, Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzales, Pupi Castello and later Raúl Bravo. He trained, danced and worked everyday and night. There was no time for much else. His dancing grew in repertoire and his body got more comfortable in Tango. A typical story of the birth of a dancer.

However, Destiny was not yet done with Chiche. José Brahemcha, called “El Turco José” crossed his path and became the most influential person in his dance and a guiding spirit in the way Chiche chose to see art, beauty, accomplishment, legacy.

Beside the vast and deep Tango wisdom, which Chiche was eager to get into his blood-flow, José decided to give his closest student his most precious treasure: the Urquiza Style. Developed together with the legendary Luis Lemos, called “Miloguita”, the Urquiza Style is not only a specific way of dancing Tango. It is furthermore an attitude towards the artistic and social aspects of the music and dance. It is the unbroken quest to join elegance with power, prodigiousness with lightness, minimalism with grace.

Chiche brought this gift far from Buenos Aires, to nowadays Berlin, where Tango has his second home. From here the young Argentinian grew and thrived as a dancer, choreographer and director. He reached an unmatched virtuosity in movement and worked with word-class colleagues and artists on both sides of the Ocean, like Horacio Ferrer or Alejandra Gutty to name a few. In Berlin he established a school for social and professional dancers that newly celebrated 16 years of existence. The style he masters encourages him in both self-confidence (some say arrogance) and humility in front of the memory of his teacher José.

Chiche is still working on the big picture: to further develop the Urquiza Style and to transmit it to the following generation. Often he is asked: “do we really need this? There is only one Tango”. The importance of Style has gotten somehow lost in the last decades – something that was obvious to the generation of the great Maestros!

In theirs words, a Style is the necessary reference to discover your taste, your personality, your identity. Is the bridge between tradition and contemporariness. It is the set of values that guides your choices and the far goal that lights your way. It tells that, for you, HOW you do things is more important than WHAT you do.

At Urquiza, the search is on. Ask Chiche: he is always keen to discuss the how and why of a Style. It does not have to be the one that came into his life so many years ago. The young Argentinian student was brave enough to walk the path that wise masters walked before him.

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