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Tango & Cinema: Tango on Broadway

El tango y sus dilemas del amor (Tango and its love dilemma)

The movie was shot in 1934 and it is inspired in a quote by French Louis J. Gasnier. It is one, among other long films, portrayed by Argentine tango figure Carlos Gardel and produced by the gigantic cinematographic studio Paramount.

This long film series is constructed by the screenplays of Brazilian writer and poet Alfredo Le Pera. He composes his story around a Hispanic group of artists that live in New York, among them, Carlos Gardel´s character: Alberto Bazán. He plays the main role, a man torn between love´s dilemma, his girlfriend and other women

The film exposes the classic milonga idiosyncrasy. That of tango artists that debate between musical themes in search of a purpose, in this case, the search of romance.

The strings that intertwine to tell the story written by Le Pera come together by Gardel´s voice performing songs such: “Golondrinas”, “Caminito soleado” and “Soledad”.Some songs were performed by Terig Tucci´s orchestra and you can enjoy singer Agustín Cornejo performing “Chinita” and “Que me importa”.

This film was a founding stone in the construction of the international figure Carlos Gardel. Most of his fans were located in Latin America, but with the recipe cinema plus tango, Europe and United States were bewitched by the Gardel boom.

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