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Gardel, Carlos Gardel lives in Buenos Aires!

The worldwide capital of tango keeps the memory of Carlos Gardel alive day by day.

Just saying his name will leave the taste of Buenos Aires on your palate: exquisite and aged at the same time. Perceive with the subtle taste of an aromatic dry caña. Just mentioning it takes your mind on a trip. It transports you quickly to the city. Your lips start to move, whispering, “Mi Buenos Aires querido”, and without realizing it you’ve walked through the barrio of La Boca -imitating the voice– you’ve started to sing “Caminito”.

This is Gardel. Excuse me, Carlos Gardel. A trip to Buenos Aires and a trip through its history. The majestic city, one from the beginning of the 20th century, with building such as Palacio del Congreso, El Barolo, La Casa Rosada and Teatro Colón. A vanguard city filled with bohemian air, with its errant traveling artists from milonga to milonga, exchanging a tango for a kiss.

It was in 1933, the last time Gardel would sang in Buenos Aires. He sang at the Cine Teatro 25 de Mayo, just before preparing for a tour of Hollywood and Europe. As he left the theater he sang in the streets, joined by a chorus of fans and the horns of cars. He bid his farewell, without knowing it, of his fans porteño.

Nearly 90 years after his good bye, it can be said, that like El Barolo, La Casa Rosada and El Colón, the image of Carlos Gardel has become part of Buenos Aires, as much as Buenos Aires.

The eloquent stories that carry the fond memory of the genuine singer that has been immortalized.Paragraph

A subway station, a museum, a cultural center, a street, a walkway, hundreds of bars and resteraunts carry the legacy and name of Carlos Gardel. Posters on buses, murals, billboards, keychians and decorations have his visage on them. His voice echoes on the radio, the milongas, and bars, statues of him, like the one in Racing Club, keep him alive deep into the 21st century.

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