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Gardel short films: El Carretero (1931)

This is one of the 15 short films project that Eduardo Morera created and which main´s musical theme “El carretero” was composed by Arturo de Nava, who performed and staged the scene with Gardel. De Nava was a famous Uruguayan singer, composer, dancer and payador.

Joining the previously mentioned artist were guitar playerÁngel Domingo Riverol, Guillermo Barbieri and José María Aguilar, though this last one is not seen in the movie.

The movie begins with a conversation between de Nava and Carlos Gardel, where Navas thanks Gardel for including him in his great musical and artistic project.   “The fact that you remembered this old man that was already buried, for the next generations to realize how does the grass smell and the fire burns”.

While he whips about his elder years, Gardel responds: “I have done nothing but interpret your song…let the audience judge”.

This short film, recorded in black and white, which is 4 minutes and 5 seconds long, we can see a clever Carlos Gardel that unravels his smile through conversations with de Nava.

Like the rest of the movies presented by director Morera, it was released in 1931 in the theater Astral, Buenos Aires.

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