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Gardel short films: Enfundá la mandolina (1931)

“Enfunda la mandolina” (Sheathe your mandolin). Let´s begin by understanding the title of this song that would later be used as the movie´s title by Eduardo Morera. To sheathe refers to the act of putting something inside a cover. But “mandolina”? It is only known by a few, but this is a string instrument that was used by great composers: Antonio Vivaldi, Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, included the mandolin in several works.

Therefore, when we hear the tango, composed by Francisco Pracánico and written by Zubiría Mansilla, we already conclude that they are referring to guarding an exquisite instrument by putting it under cover.

And the song is one of the 15 audiovisual productions that Morera made alongside Carlos Gardel in his short film project. Like all the other ones, the work was done during 1930 and the release was in 1931 in the Avenue Corrientes, Buenos Aires.

On this occasion, the movie features Carlos Gardel singing in front of the camera, with a guitar. As usual, his look is very elegant; with a tuxedo and his slick-hair. The movie is presented in black and white and is 2 minutes, 54 seconds long.

“Sheathe your mandolin, this is no place for seranatas”, is the advice that the singer gives to a friend. As a reminder that his years of casa nova as a musician are over.

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