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Gardel short films: Padrino Pelao (1931)

On this opportunity Carlos Gardel interprets the song “Padrino pelao” (Bald godfather) by Enrique Delfino, in front of the camera, by himself. The main difference between this clip, and other such as “Añoranzas” is the fact that, while in the others Gardel usually appears along a guitar, in this one, Eduardo Madero thought that it would be better to show him alone. To make a bigger and more exclusive impact. Focusing only on Gardel gave the illusion as if he was singing to each individual audience member.

Araca, guys there is a wedding down here!

The first five seconds of the film are initiated with a guitar solo followed by Gardel´s iconic voice performing, while saying these words. But, what is he trying to convey? “Araca” in lunfardo language from those years was a word use to alarm people in a dangerous situation.

The song “Padrino Pelao” by Enrique Delfino, lyrics by Julio Cantuarias and interpreted by Gardel, tells us the tragic yet funny of a wedding that should not be happening in the eyes of the narrator. This is why, the song states at the beginning “Carfeul guys, there is a wedding going on here”.

The narrator´s opposition to the wedding is shown later on the movie, when he shares the neighbors opinion about the bride:

“lady have you seen?

So little shame?

To wear white ,

after she sinned!”

Gardel´s representation of “Padrino pelao” is one of the 15 short films that the “Zorzal Criollo” participated in 1930.

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