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Gardel short films: Tengo miedo (1931)

Music by José María Aguilar and the inspiring lyric by Celedonio Flores, Carlos Gardel interpreted “Tengo miedo” in a project that intended to record the most representative and iconic musical themes in the 1930’s.

Under the wing of director Eduardo Morera, this film recorded in 1930, was presented to the tango audience in 1931 on the famous and artistic Calle Corrientes, Buenos Aires.

In this presentation, the Argentine artist stands in front of the camera, carrying a guitar that diagonally crosses his torso. His elegant look and sleek hair are part of the essence of this and the other video clips in this project.

In this film we can listen to a tango that tells a melancholic story, like the DNA of tango usually shows us. In this case, the story is about a male character that is tired of his vice, alcohol, milongas and gambling routine. The man accuses a woman to taking him down that road.

“I beg you to leave me, I am afraid of finding you

I am afraid of your eyes, I am afraid to kiss you

I am afraid to love you and I am afraid to start over…

be nice, don´t look for me”

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