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Gardel short films: Viejo Smoking (Old Smoking jacket) (1931)

Between the months of October and November of the year 1930, Carlos Gardel stared in 15 short films, each of them revolving around the history and origin of different songs. The short films were directed by Eduardo Morera and produced by Federico Valle (a pioneer in Latinamerican who had previously worked with the Lumière brothers, the inventor of the cinematographer).

One of this short films is “Viejo Smoking”. A production that narrates the story of a Spanish girl who approaches Gardel to gather the delayed rent of several months in the pension where he is staying. He abruptly excuses himself explaining he is going through a rough economic situation.

Looking for a solution to this problem, Gardel is adviced by a friend who tells him to pawn one of his few possessions: an old dinner jacket that stands alone in his wardrobe.

However, Gardel, who is fond for his old suit, does not want to get out of it, by delivering a musical interpretation.

“Viejo Smoking” was released along other 9 short films in the Astra cinema, located on the entertainment, Corrientes Avn.

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