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Gardel short films: Yira yira (1931)

In 1930, Carlos Gardel was the star of several films directed by Eduardo Morera: 15 short music films. The recordings were in a short film format and portrayed an interpretation by Gardel, singing the audience´s favorite tangos. However, nowadays, we have physical evidence of only 10 of them. The other five were lost or damaged through time.

One of the most representative songs that made its debut, and that we still remember and enjoy nowadays is “Yira yira”. A theme filled with lunfardo language, of rioplatense culture, in tango attitudes and milonga passion.

That is “Yira yira”, originally composed by genius Enrique Santos Discépolo, interpreting lunfardo, would go something like this: going around in circles. It is an emotional complaint reflected by the composer, complaining about the foreseen and monotonous routine that revolves around love´s ways. What is written by Discépolo and sung by Gardel, shows us the bitter fatigue of a man who has lived each cycle of love as pain, sorrow and grief.

The song has been through some rough times. It was censored through the 1940’s during military government years wear any expression of lunfardo was forbidden. The government pointed out that these presentations were immoral and/ or negative for the country´s human and educational development. That is why, for a very long time, the song was re-named to: “Camina, camina”.

Today we use its original title and we thank all the different tango generations that keep “Yira, Yira” alive.

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