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GREATEST HITS: Carlos Gardel “Cuesta Abajo”

“Cuesta abajo” is a tango composed by Carlos Gardel and with lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera.

It was recorded by Gardel in New York on July 30th, 1934 in the Victor company, with the accompaniment of the Terig Tucci’s Orchestra, for his homonymous film.

According to Manuel Adet this tango seems written to complete “Volver”. It impresses like the story of the same character seen from another perspective. The beginning is one of the most beautiful of the genre: “If I dragged around the world /the shame of having been /and the pain of not to be”. And the verses that follow: “Under the brim’s hat,/how many times muffled /an appering  tear drop /I couldn ‘t stop” The image of the hat is impeccable, trying to hide the pain of a tear with its flattened brim. “Downhill” is also a “Return”. He expressly says it in one of his stanzas: “… if I was weak, if I was blind, /I only want you to understand/the values that represents the courage of loving.” Later other verses of anthology, such as, for example: “In following her track /I drank tirelessly /o my glass of pain.” To confess: “… but no one understood /that if I gave all /every time I left /pieces of my heart”

We invite you to see and listen to it:

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