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GREATEST HITS: Carlos Gardel “Melodía de Arrabal”

“Melodía de arrabal” is a tango from 1932, composed by Carlos Gardel with lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera and Mario Battistella, which was recorded by El Morocho del Abasto in Buenos Aires on January 25th, 1933 on the Odeón company with the accompaniment on the guitars of Guillermo Barbieri’s, Horacio Pettorossi’s, Ángel Domingo Riverol’s and Domingo Julio Vivas’s. This theme was conceived to give music and title to a homonymous film that Gardel made in France by the American company Paramount in 1933.

The lyrics of this tango evokes: the suburb that is no longer there, shaken by progress. Gardel interprets it with melancholy as an old love who has already left.

Breed of tauras and singers,/of rages and entreveros/of all my loves./On your walls, with my Steel/ I carved names I love:/Rosa, the “Milonguita”, /was blonde Margot,/and on the first date/the paica Rita/gave me her love.

We invite you to see and listen to it:

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