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GREATEST HITS: Carlos Gardel “Silencio”

“Silencio” is a 1932 tango, composed by Carlos Gardel and Horacio Pettorossi, with lyrics by Alfredo Le Pera and Horacio Pettorossi, which was recorded by Carlitos on three occasions, two of them accompanied by the guitars of Guillermo Barbieri’s, Horacio Pettorossi’s, Ángel Domingo Riverol’s and Domingo Julio Vivas’s, and the rest with the Francisco Canaro’s orchestra. It was also sung by Gardel in the film “Melodía de arrabal” directed by Louis Gasnier, which was made in France and was released in Buenos Aires on April 5th, 1933.

“Silencio” is a mournful, bleak and antiwar tango, which narrates the drama and horror of a mother condemned to forced loneliness for having lost her five children, obtaining -in exchange- five medals that for five heroes the award the Homeland.

Silence in the night,/everything is calm,/The muscle sleeps./the ambition rests…

We invite you to see it and listen to it.

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