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How is Ballroom Tango danced?

Learn the basic rules of ballroom tango category.

Ballroom tango is one of two competition of tango dance categories. Since 2003 it entered the World tango dance tournament that takes place every year in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This category has more strict rules, which makes it different from stage tango.

Its main feature, and the main difference with stage tango, is that it is forbidden to “break the hug” during the course of the music. This determines that the couple has to maintain the link before, during and after the music (or the act) has begun. Therefore, part of the magic displayed in the show revolves around the wit, elasticity and talent that the contestants must face because of this rule.

In this type of dance, improvisation plays a key role, where the instantaneous creation is accentuated. However, this ingenious method must follow other rules: jumps, figures or other tricks that imply a complete feet separation from the ground, are banned. If not, it is penalized in the evaluation process.

On the other hand, the use of typical tango figures is a must, such as: cortes, quebradas, corridas, barridas, sacadas al piso and enrosques. The use of this element will upgrade the final score of the participants, as well as enhancing a tango show for the audience to see.

In the competition couples are arranged by groups of ten people, dancing in a circle, in an anti-clock-wise direction and without choosing the music.

Couples are evaluated by a previously designated jury that take into account the fulfillment of the norms, musicality, the connection between couples, the elegance displayed on the dance floor and the ease of each movement performed by the dancers. The dress code is not considered when punctuating the couple, another big difference with stage tango.

Ballroom Tango is a discipline that preserves the most essential components of classic tango. The following video is a presentation of the Argentinian Jose Luis Salvo and Carla Rossi, the 2018 Tango world tournament Ballroom champions:

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