How to dance Stage Tango?

Learn the principles rules for Stage Tango. Characterized by its choreography, free and acrobatic style, the official rules said that it can be danced according to the vision each dancer has of Argentine tango.

The “Stage Tango” is a type of dance competition that is characterized for its style of choreography, free and acrobatic. It’s primary distinction from “Salon Tango”, is that in stage tango competitors are allowed “alturas”. Alturas are motions that let the dancers remove both feet from the floor during the choreography.

For its dance choreography, free and acrobatic, the official rules for the Tango World Cup states “It can be danced according to the vision each dancer has of Argentine Tango.” In this way, the rules permit movements, figures and applications that aren’t traditional in Tango. Regardless, the choreography should have present classic movements of Tango.

These classic movements that should be maintained in the stage dance corresponds to a: eights, turns, walks, hooks, kicks, and the traditional “milonguero hug” which can be broken, but with the reasoning of realizing and benefiting the choreography.

The couples present themselves individually infront of the audience and judge with their selected music, which should not be longer than four minutes. Scenery which helps create the scene just like a classic theater show.

Here we’re presenting Fernando Rodriguez and Estefania Gómez, 2019 Stage Tango World Cup champions:

Do you remember any other great stage tango couples? Choreographys? 

© images/videos credits: Nicolás Stulberg; youtube: 030tango

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