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Julio De Caro (1899-1980)

Every March 11th we remember the passing of Julio de Caro, who died at 80 years old, on March 11th, 1980, and was known as an acclaimed violin player, composer and tango orchestra director.

It is very difficult to expose his artistic trajectory through this brief text; he was a tango cult master who founded the instrumental school “escuela decareana”.

His professional career begun with Roberto Firpo´s orchestra in the “Palais de Glace” (1917), he was later incorporated in Arolas´ quintet (his debut was “Tabarin”) and then joined Osvaldo Fresedo´s orchestra, with which he would travel to United States in the mid 20’s to perform some recordings. In 1922 he joined Minotto Di Cicco´s orchestra and, in 1923, Don Julio returns to Buenos Aires to join pianist and composer Juan Carlos Cobián orchestra. This ensemble made a mark in tango history, since it unraveled tango´s instrumental transformation journey. In 1924 he founded and directed his own orchestra, with which he would later travel to Brazil in 1927, to Europe in 1930 making several successful performances in France, Monaco and Italy. In 1931 he plays with his orchestra, along Carlos Gardel, in the movie “Luces de Buenos Aires”.

“Luces de Buenos Aires”/”Buenos Aires city lights”

Julio de Caro remembers an encounter in France, where the Zorzal Criollo was performing: “We were ready to perform onstage waiting to start our debut in the Palais de la Mediterráne in Niza. Gardel was sitting in a table of about 40 people with a General, the Mayor and other top personalities from the world, and he decided to step up to speak (in French): «Ladies and Gentlemen, you already know me, you have showered me with applauses and warmth, and this is why I ask for you to listen with close attention to the orchestra that is about to perform onstage, since its the best the world has seen. I ask an anticipated, grandeur applause for the great Julio de Caro». After his performance (over 1 hour long), he came to the balcony and gave me an enormous hug”.

As a composer, he made his debut in 1918 with the tango “Mala pinta” (collaborating with his brother Francisco).

We remember him through these tango songs:

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