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Martín Alvarado is stranded in Finland due to the lock-down

Martín Alvarado, the owner of the most popular voice in tango in Europe is trapped in a forest in Finland a few metres away from the Baltic Sea.

With long and curly hair, a goatee that surrounds his mouth and singing Tangos composed by Aníbal Troilo, Juan D’Arienzo and Carlos Gardel. Martín Alvarado receives ovations in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in Murmansk and in other Russian cities, just as if he was in Buenos Aires or in Montevideo.

It’s been thirteen years since argentine Alvarado arrived in Russia. It was in 2007 that he unpacked his suitcases filled with the musical adventure that had begun in his natal Argentina and that continued in different European countries such as Spain and Finland.

Once he had settled in Russia with his guitar, his voice and his charisma, Martín Alvarado’s work became strongly popular and he gained the local tango lovers’ support. According to Alvarado, they are fans and very much in love with the milonga genre.

After 500 presentations in different European stages, Martín was described as “the 21st Century’s tango voice”. He presented musical plays composed by himself, and began to show up in television and to give newspaper interviews. On the other hand, his voice is not only admired because of its appreciated tone of voice, it has also become an example and influence within the milonga show business.

At this moment, the melancholic argentine adventure lover who has managed to seduce a country’s traditions and idiosyncrasy being more than seventeen thousand kilometres away from his natal home, is stranded in a forest in the south of Finland because of the coronavirus’ consequences.

“I am staying at colleagues’ house who are also friends in the city of Parainen, a small and pretty Swedish speaking town on the Baltic Sea’s coast” he announced in a text found in social media in which he explained a bit of his situation.

Alvarado was preparing a musical tour through the Scandinavian countries, but as the COVID – 19’s wave grew his plans were cancelled with equal intensity. “I carry on living with the uncertainty of whether I’ll be able to get home, to Flores neighbourhood in Buenos Aires in the short term.

Despite all of this, even though his tour got stuck and he doesn’t know when he’ll be able to visit Buenos Aires, the tango singer is living this situation with the best possible attitude. His shares content on his social media platforms in which we can see him looking calm and resilient, making the most of the majestic landscapes and singing a little tango.

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