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Miguel Ángel Zotto, our Tango Miguel Ángel.

Born with dancer and Italian blood, Miguel Ángel was destined to make his dance steps an art.

There are those who still can’t figue if Miguel Ángel Zotto is dancing tango or writing a poem with the sole of his feet on the ground. Not an easy task, because whatever it is that he is doing, he does it with the perfect amount as to cast a spell on the senses of the most sensitive audience  . Elegant, romantic, passionate, delicate,  we can see him creating figures on the air with subtle raptures, like a machine connected to the exact melody of the bandoneon,

Once the cocoon (already alive) is hanging from the tree branch, its journey has only one destination, that indeed, is wonderful: turning into a butterfly. Something similar happened with Miguel Ángel Zotto. A son, and a grandson of dancers , his wonderful and artistic biography seem to be written long before he was born. And so it goes, following the footsteps of his predecessors and fulfilling the quest to improve the Zotto lineage technique, he earned respect and a standing ovation of the Tango audience by delivering spectular performances as a dancer.

Along with a brave and unique technique, Zotto has also given himself to tango as a choroegrapher, director and showbusiness producer. His contribution on new content has been so important that it repositioned dance and tango on the most influent entretainment and cultural scenarios, nationally and iternationally.

His rise and knowledge have always been a consecuence of his work and dedication. At 17 he was already studying milonga, and if that wasnt enough, he overdid himself by taking other dance lessons with the great master Rodolfo Dinzel. This tutor would encourage him years later to become a tango teacher in the Universidad de Belgrano. A labour that in 1985 would act as trampoline into shobusiness, the same year that Ana María Stekelman called him to participate as a first figure and tango instructor on the show “Jazmines”.

Since then his artististic career has expanded like foam: rapidly and abundantly. He was convoked by Claudio Segovia and Hector Orezzoli to present “Tango Argentino” on the always demanding  Broadway scenario. Since that was not enough for him, he decided to creat his own shows and that gave birth to La Compañía Tango X 2, and therefore to: “Perfumes de tango”, “Una noche de tango”, “Tangos de la Cruz del Sur”, “Tangos una Leyenda”, “Su historia I y II”, “Buenos Aires Tango” y “Puro Tango”.

Critics worldwide have vowed before his work with kind adjectives filled with reverence. The “New York Times”, “New York Post” and “Magazine Dance” have described his shows in numerous ocasionts as “Best Show of the season in New York”.

His shows allowed him to travel to the most important theatres and audiences in United States, Italy, England, Spain, Belgium, Greece, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Israel, Brasil, Chile and Mexico; delivering tango performances with a firm impront and a message of life, enriched dance. Consequently, and with the upmost importance, his work has also been embraced in his home country where the repertoir of his shows achieved and mantained succes for over two decades in a row.

Miguel Ángel, that is his name. The same as that of the italian painter of the sixteenth Chapel. These days Miguel Ángel, our time, he who paints with his feet and no brush. He who paints a smile on the faces of those who watch him. This is Zotto, our Tango Miguel Angel.

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