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Milena Plebs: When dancing transmutes your expression, your movement and your work.

Watch as the dancer Plebs falls in love with tango.

From a very young age, Milena Plebs listened to radio music as a habit. And shortly after the discs “Reunión cumbre” and “Suite Troieana-Lumiere” by Astor Piazzolla were born to hypnotize her senses with a bit of tango. Since then, her feet, that only knew ballet, classic and contemporary dance, started walking in search of milonga.

When she was 11 years old she started taking classes with classical music dance masters, inspired in choreographies that she saw standing in front of her television: dance shows and musical videos which she would imitate since she was very young. 

Until the day she re-encountered tango came by. Like a love spell, unsuspected and without opposition. This was due to her dance teacher Ana María Stekelman that invited her to a rehearsal in December 1984, where Ana María danced with a young dancer by the name of Miguel Angel Zotto in the musical environment of “Quejas de bandoneón”.

It was in that moment, as Milena observed the dance-game between the figures, that she felt butterflies in her stomach. It was the first time that she saw tango danced in couples. The partners danced, embraced each other and their legs would intertwine to the sound and compass of tango.  Everything was displayed with elegance, romanticism and passion, without even losing profound eye contact through the dance.

Milena would rub her eyes, maybe because she couldn’t believe what they saw and because of the attraction she was feeling towards a dance style, tango. That day she became fascinated by tango. “That was a hit that determined a before and an after”, she once pointed out; the girl that would later become one of the best tango dancers in the world.

After that first encounter with tango, Plebs begun to assist milonga frequently. She surrounded herself with tango professors, teachers and tutors up until she learnt from the best.

Barely two years after this she traveled to the United States to be a part of the famous show called “Tango Argentino” alongside Copes and Nieves, Virulazo and Elvira, Nélida and Nelson, Mónica and Luciano, Mayoral and Elsa María, the Sexteto mayor and its singers.

Plebs has been a woman blessed with talent, charisma, passion and an acute musical ear that provided her with a deep evolution in her dancing. Thanks to her interpretive capacity, her body reaction with music she has been able to teach rhythms, discharges and emotions in perfect timing, things that were believed impossible to achieve.

This grace was more than enough to make her jump to highly important shows, such as “Tango Argentino”, that allowed her to travel the world for four years and also made it capable for her to create her own shows such as “Tango x 2”, “Perfumes de Tango”, “Una noche de Tango” and “María de los Buenos Aires”. All of them filled with her impromptu, that of a younger tango with new variations and emotions.

Milena Plebs, has been one of the best tango interpreters of all times. This is why in 1991 she received the utmost distinction given to this Argentinian dance style, the prestigious “María Ruanova” award; and , in 1997, she was awarded with the “Trinidad Guevara” for choreography in her show “Perfumes de Tango” and also the Italian dance award “Gino Tanni” in 1998.

As a testimony of her spectacular career and grandiloquent dance we leave the link to a video that contains a chronological summary of her work

© images/videos credits: Kicca Tommasi Photography; www.kiccatommasiphotography.com

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