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Tango and Cinema: Take the Lead

Antonio Bandera´s movie that teaches us tango and music to lead a better life.

Starring Antonio Bandera in the leading role, the film “Take the Lead” (Déjate llevar) was released in 2006. It develops between notes and emotions of that of a musical drama and it shows us the fascinating story of a dancer and his teacher that reinsert less favoured people back into society, and therefore cheer their souls, through dance.

Based on true events, this story, directed by Liz Friedlander, intends to expose professor Pierre Dulaine’s experience. A man who becomes tired of finding violence, inequality, social exclusion and few opportunities in groups of young people. So he decides to approach them with music and dance as a tool and method to gain social integration. Though at first they seem skeptical to these ideas, the process (which begins with a tango choreography) has a positive effect on them. Nowadays this is used as therapy and the method is called Dulaine.

This film displays an exhilarating experience and demonstrates that tango is a stimulating music gender that benefits both mental and physical health. Among other tango references, such as “Tango Mujer” and “Cumparsita”, director Friedlander nourished in milonga music to tell the story of Pierre Dulaine, resulting in an amusing picture.

The feature is 118 minutes long and it rewarded Antonio Banderas a Best Leading Actor award in the Imagen Foundation Awards. It also earned six nominations in different categories, highlighting music and sound.

In conclusion, “Take the Lead” strikes as an engulfing proposal that combines dance, tango and a valuable life lesson: Tango and music to lead a better life.  

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