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Tango & Cinema: A Summer Night’s Tango (2013)

Finland’s most famous film director, Aki Kaurismäki, maintains that the Finns invented Tango, including influences from polka and Russian marchs, and that the marines were the ones took it to the River Plate at the end of the 19th Century.

Three well known and recognized Argentinian musicians (singer Chino Laborde, guitar player Dipi Kvitko and accordion player Pablo Greco) decide to travel to Finland to verify if this statement is true, and if the melancholy and sadness that characterize this society is somehow related to Tango.

The trip begins as a verbal challenge, almost threatening. It turns out to be not only a trip full of discoveries about cultural differences, including habits, landscapes and timing, but also a manifest regarding the possibility that cultures have of enriching one another while still being loyal to their own traditions, even propagating them from one generation to the next.

“A Summer Night’s Tango” (the original title is Mittsommernachtstango), directed by Viviane Blumenschein, is a German, Finn and Argentinian coproduction.  It is 83 minutes long and it was filmed in Buenos Aires and in Finland both in routes and in big cities.  It is spoken in “Porteño” (Spanish spoken in Buenos Aires), Finn and English.  These characteristics make it a moving, emotional, honest and simple film.

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