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Tango & Cinema: “Bar El Chino” (2003)

In 2003, argentine filmmaker Daniel Burak made his debut in the film industry with “Bar El Chino”. This film, which can be classified as drama genre, continuously revolves around Tango.

Throughout 96 minutes three main situations develop in Burak’s film, which is musicalized by Alejandro Ridilenir. To begin with, the bar owner’s death (this is the epicentre of the plot), then, the unstoppable desire of a young film-maker to film a documentary at the bar, and finally, the birth of a romantic idyll.

The film combines illusion and reality by putting together a fictional story and a documentary production. The documentary aspect is a result of the bar being the place where most of the story develops. It is a historical location which represents Buenos Aires’ Tango spirit situated in a neighbourhood called Nueva Pompeya. When the bar opens, its similarity to an old trunk remains intact, despite it being the 21st Century. It still shows elements from the past, including aromas.

As to the fictional approach, director Burak takes advantage of all that the iconic place has to offer.  Using Tango as a resource, he creates within the bar a mixture of characters, situations and stories which turn out to be quite enjoyable.

For the production of the film, the director worked with writer Marion Lion to reinforce the screenplay.  The cast selected to play the leading roles include Boy Olmi, Jimena La Torre, Juan Pablo Ballinou and Lucas Santa Ana, amongst others.

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