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Tango & Cinema: Convivencia (1993)

Friendship, conflicts and music.

The movie “Convivencia” is a film directed by Argentine director Carlos Galetti. It was released in 1994 and it features an entertaining comedy that unites the conflicts of friends (Luis Brandoni and José Sacristán). This comedy takes place in Argentina and it evokes traditional elements of this country, as tango and the participation of Osvaldo Pugliese in some scenes.

This two friends (Brandoni and Sacristán) are over forty and used to spending the weekends in a house in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina. While resting there, they receive an unexpected visit that will transform their lives and shake them to the core. During a storm, a girl appears at their door seeking shelter, and upon this, the storm will be placed on the relationship of this two friends.

The film is based on a 1979 theatrical adaptation, also starring Luis Brandoni in the Regina Theatre. The other leading role was portrayed by Federico Luppi at the time.

This movie by Galetti has been recognized in different festivals and movie associations, such as Argentina´s Cronists Cinematographers Association, which awarded the film in the categories: Best leading actor and best supporting actress. On the other hand, the Bogota Film Festival nominated the movie in the Best movie of the year category.

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