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Tango & Cinema: Cuesta abajo (1934)

Louis J. Garnier was a French director that cinema adopted as a son.

On the 1930´s tango dazzled Europe´s elite show business cities. Paris was the one that best received tango and due to its great adaptation through French stages, the fanaticism and interest for it grew and this replicated in other tango art forms. This was the case with French movie director Louis J. Gasnier, who delivered among others, the movie “Cuesta Abajo”.

Gasnier made this movie alongside Paramount and released it in 1934. It is a musical project starring Carlos Gardel and upon its release it was already considered the best Hispanic speaking movie.

The movie´s script was written by poet Alfredo Le Pera and it is considered to be autobiographical. The movie revolves around a tango singer (played by Carlos Gardel) who is torn between two women. The main character has to face his feelings towards his girlfriend and a prostitute that sparks him.

The main songs featured in the film are: “Amores de estudiante”, “Criollita decí que sí” and the iconic tango: “Mi Buenos Aires querido”. The films plot unravels itself through Carlos Gardel tango character and the quintet of Alberto Castellanos (piano), Remo Bolognini (1st violin), Hugo Mariani (2ndviolin), Washington Castro (violonchelo) and Humberto Di Tata (bass).

Upon the movie´s release, Carlos Gardel was already an international figure. He had already starred in other films: “Luces de Buenos Aires”, “Espérame”, “La casa es seria” and “Melodía de arrabal”. Director Gasnier made other tango movies between 1933 and 1934: “Espérame”, “Melodia de arrabal” and “El tango de Broadway”.

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