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Tango & Cinema: “I don’t know what your eyes have done to me” (2003)

“I don’t know what your eyes have done to me

When they look at me they kill me with love

I don’t know what your lips have done to me

When they kiss my lips all pain is forgotten”.


Dear readers, if while you were reading the previous lines you found yourselves projecting your voices trying to imitate Carlos Gardel, your passion and fanatism for Tango is evident.  And, if not only were you projecting you voice, but when reading the first line the memory of the biographical documentary about Ada Falcon’s life was invoked, feel free and confident to brag about your extensive knowledge about Tango.

In December of 2003, argentine filmmakers Sergio Wolf and Lorena Muñoz gave the world a documentary film portraying the always enigmatic life of “The Tango Empress” Ada Falcón. The film debuted a year and a few months after the passing away of the artist in the argentine city of Córdoba.

This is a film that no tango fanatic and authentic milonga lover from the 1930s can miss. The directors of the film take us back to that time to unravel the mystery behind sublime Ada Falcón’s decision to dim and end her career in 1942, exactly at the time when she was shining the most.

Through the characters related to Falcón, the film’s intention is to construct, as if in a puzzle, an image, a message or a clue that can lead us to the reason behind his surprising farewell to show business.

Throughout the journey in which the clues are revealed we gradually find Ada Falcón’s intimacy.  With it comes an understanding of her life behind microphones and scaffolding. We get to know the real Aída Elsa Ada Falcone: her desires, her anguishes and her spiritual beliefs.

“I don’t know what his eyes have done to me” is an hour-long approach full of revelations, which, in the end, breaks the silence to answer the following questions: what happened to Ada Falcón during 70 years? 


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