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Tango & Cinema: Las luces de Buenos Aires (The lights of Buenos Aires) (1931)

This tape was the presentation of the song “Tomo y obligo”

“Las luces de Buenos Aires ”is one five movies that the gigantic Paramount made with Carlos Garden in a leading role. It was directed by Chilean cinematographer Adelqui Migliar; in this movie Gardel interpreted the song “Tomo y obligo” and, on top of this, it was Gardel´s first appearance in sound movies.

The piece, besides delivering this famous tango, served as a platform that showed the world the DNA of Argentine music through dance, traditional malambo rhythms and folklore.

The musicality of this film is what makes it so special. Its delicate choice of characters and interpreters is brilliant, like the previously mentioned Zorzal Criollo in the leading part, the composition of the music by Gerardo Matos (author of “Cumparsita), Julio de Caro delivering a perfect execution of the violin, Francisco de Caro on the piano and Pedro Laurenz on the majestic bandoneon. It is a marvelous composition.

The plot of the movie revolves around Gardel´s character (Anselmo) the owner of a residence who has a partner, Elvira Bozán. On a night filled with party and joy, a businessman arrives at the residence by mistake and he discovers Elvira´s voice. Compelled by her talent, he decides to hire her, take her to Buenos Aires so that she can perform in the most important scenarios of the capital.

After this moment, a separation between Anseldo and her beloved Elvira. The nightlife, showbusiness and fame start stealing her time while she falls deeper and deeper into this new world.

In the meantime, Anselmo feels that his wife´s new world is causing him to lose her. Since he is not willing to lose the love of his life, he goes to the city to get her back.

The movie´s release was a complete success in Hispanic-speaking countries. This was due, majorly, to the fact that this was the first encounter of movie fans with the figure of Carlos Gardel, who was not known by many back then.

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