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Tango & Cinema: Love and other disasters (2006)

A young and beautiful woman who goes by the name of Emily Jackson behaves like a kind of Cupid.  She is an expert finding ideal couples for her friends and acquaintances, and she is constantly bragging about how happy she makes other people.  The fun in this romantic comedy’s plot drama undergoes a twist when we realize that Emily herself is uncapable of finding a stable relationship for herself.

The movie, which is directed by libanese Alek Keshishian, turns out to be especially entertaining due to the protagonist’s (played by Brittany Murphy) bad lack regarding her romantic aspirations. Chilean actor Santiago Cabrera adds to the plot by complicating Jackson’s sentimental life.

Alek Kashishian is well known because of his strong liaison to music, and his movies show no shortage of his love for music… His musical talent is expressed in the way in which he uses music throughout the film.  In “Love and Other Disasters”, the director conveys to his audience the connection between the leading roles by settling a scene with a tango dance.

The movie also includes a bonus cameo lead by Orlando Bloom’s and Gwyneth’s presence. Generally speaking, it is a fun film to watch eating popcorn on a Sunday afternoon.

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