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Tango & Cinema: “Melodía de Arrabal” (1933)

Cinema, humble neihgbourhhoods and Gardel.

Melodía de Arrabal (Melody from the suburbs) is a motion picture directed by the French Louis Gasnier that inmerses us into the world of 20th century Argentina working class. The movie denotes descriptive details of the typical suburb tango enviroment, as well as a romantic musical that makes us fall in love with songs such as “Silencio”, “Cuando tú no estás” y “Evocación”.

The film was released in 1933 with Carlos Gardel in the leding role and that on itself was enough to purchase a ticket to go the cinema. Gardel ́s presence alonside Imperio Argentina, an argentinian-spanish actress and Alfredo Le Pera ́s script, were guarantees for an excellent musical and cinematographic work.

The movie was filmed in France and its knot is dramatized in a bar in La Boca surrounded by licor and music, where Roberto Ramirez (Carlos Gardel’s character) and his partner in crime swindle everyone that sits in their table by playing cards.

The main’s character bad habits and the way that he deceives others get him into trouble to the point of getting into a brawl with another man who confronts him. Needless to say, consequences from this behaviour are far from positive and only the appearence of a woman (Imperio Argentina), will encourage him to get away from this path and closer to his true talent: singing.

Melodía de Arrabal is presented in black and white dislpay and lasts 94 minutes. The movie was produced in 1930’s by Paramount Studios and it featured various film innovation and growth inflexions for that time. This was the last of several production that united Gardel and Paramount.

Now just enjoy below one of the most iconic scenes from the tape, Gardel singing “Melodía de arrabal”:

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