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Tango & Cinema: “My Sad Night” (1952)

“Percanta you set me back at the best moment in my life,

Leaving me with a wounded soul and with a thorn in my heart,

Knowing that I loved you, that you were my joy,

And my burning dream,

There is no comfort for me, which is why I drink,

To forget your love”.

The film presents Pascual Contursi, an argentine playwright, a poet, a musician and a tango lyricist who falls madly in love with a singer to such an extent that he leaves all of his life behind him to go after her.

So much so, that giving in to the frenzy of his desire, he abandons his wife and son. He gets what he wants. He manages to capture the singer’s attention and to establish a romantic relationship with her. However, some time later, the differences that come up in the relationship lead the woman he had fallen in love with to make the same decision he had previously made when he left his wife, and abandons him.

Contursi, who is left inconsolable and with a broken heart, sees no other alternative but to run away from pain using the same antidote with which he had seduced her some time before. This time, however, he composes Tango using sorrow, pain and the need to forget as his main ingredients.

Consequently, the film’s protagonist ends up interpreting the song called like the film itself does. Even more so, the first two verses with which the song begins are the words that can be found at the beginning of this text.

The film, which is 92 minutes long, is presented in black and white format, is directed by Lucas Demare and musically supported by Lucio Demare and Francisco García Jiménez.

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