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Tango & Cinema: Naked Tango (1990)

Actors Vincent D’Onofrio, Mathilda May y Fernando Rey; american, french and spanish respectively, joined to work together when they were summoned by filmmaker Leonard Schrader to make “Naked Tango”. Naked Tango is a fiction film filled with deceit, fear, Tango and Buenos Aires in the 1920s.

“What is it about?” you may ask. A French young woman travels by boat from Europe to Buenos Aires accompanied by her husband.  Bored of her life as a married woman, she decides to lose her husband and to abandon him while she changes her identity to leave with another man. Once she arrives at Buenos Aires her desire to change her life will surprise her when, living her new reality, she finds herself involved in an illegal business related to prostitution and the traffic of white women.

In this new life, protagonist Estefanía (Mathilda May) meets Cholo (Vincent D’Onofrio), a man passionate about Tango who invites her to become part of a turbulent relationship, full of ups and downs and with intense erotisism.

The film, which lasts an hour and a half, presents music composed by Thomas Newman, and is special to the world of Tango because Carlos Federico Rivarola is involved as choreographer in several milonga scenes which take place in Buenos Aires.

Rivarola is a well-known argentine dancer and choreographer, a member of the wonderful cast of “Tango Argentino”. He has been awarded various times for his individual performances and as a member of the María Rivarola.

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