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Tango & Cinema: “Never Say Never Again” (1983)

Sean Connery and his tango side.

This film has a little bit of everything and every bit of it is interesting. A little anecdote: Sean Connery -the star of the film- had given up his James Bond role 12 years before, since after 1971´s “Diamonds are forever” release he promised he would never play James Bond again. His promised lasted over a decade, but as the movie “never say never again” his promised failed and by 1983 he became Bond, James Bond.

Curious fact, this definitely was Connery last movie interpreting 007. But we are here for our loved tango. There is a scene in this movie, where James Bond wins an enormous quantity of money and decides to exchange his juicy price for a dance with Domino (Kim Besinger). Dance to the rhtyhm of what genre? A delicious and fascinating tango.

While dancing, Bond takes advantage of their physical proximity to tell her a top secret, one that is key to the movie plot, while maintaining the movements and rhythm so as not to make it obvious.

The scene takes place in a luxurious Salon. This luxury is find in its elegance, in Connery´s presence and in the gracefully danced tango. The chosen tango is called “Tango to the Death” by French Michel Legrand.

You are hoping to watch it. Come on and do it.

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