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Tango & Cinema: Piazzolla, The Shark’s Years (2018)

This documentary about Ástor Piazzolla’s life was constructed, to a large extent, with recollected information both in audio and video format. It achieves an authentic biographical account of the Argentinian composer born in Mar del Plata. 

The revelation of previously unpublished elements about Piazzolla’s life create a feeling of constant satisfaction in the spectator who, at times, considers himself to be privileged having access to such a close encounter with the musician’s life and reality. These vivid sensations are a consequence of the truthfulness of each element that is shown.  This veracity was possible thanks to the collaboration of Piazzolla’s family, who facilitated the use of information that had never been seen before.

According to those who closely follow Astor Piazzolla’s musical career, the title “The Shark’s Years” is a result of the artist’s love of shark fishing.  This is the kind of information that you come across in the documentary.  It chronologically shows everything about the tanguero’s life: how he got along with his family, his superfluous interests, and, even more, the events that left an impression in him as a person and as a professional.

The film is very entertaining, not only because it shows each step of the way in Piazzolla’s life, but because of the photographic and musical elements it displays. A balanced combination of the information extracted from files, together with the elements it produces to reconstruct the time in which Piazzolla lived, allow the film to impact the spectator in such a way that he never forgets its pleasant and well transmitted images.

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