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Tango & Cinema: Pichuco (2014)

In Argentina, to say Tango is the same as to say accordion, and to say accordion is the same as to say Anibal Troilo “Pichuco”.

Because of the recent celebration of “Pichuco’s” hundredth birthday, a documentary about one of Tango’s historical and fundamental characters was released, including aspects of him as a composer, musical arranger and orchestra director.

Its screen play written by Alberto Romero and Martín Turnes, who also directed the film, reveals the current presence of “Buenos Aires’ Major Accordion” throughout musicians who follow him, study him and illustrate his importance and generosity.

The film’s common thread is Javier Cohen, a musician and professor from the Popular Music School in Avellaneda, who we find digitalizing “Pichuco’s” 489 original arrangements, preserved until today so that musicians and students from the world can have access to these scores to study them or to play them.

The documentary anchors itself in the current recovery of the scores, and by means of interviews to contemporary musicians and the relevance of different genres, all of his work is analysed.  In this way, contemporary musicians meet the artist, musicians such as José Colángello, Leopoldo Federico, Nelly Vázquez, Horacio Ferrer, Raúl Garello and Ernesto Baffa, together with younger generations such as the ones in which we can find Daniel “Pipi” Piazzolla, Adriana Varela, Luis Salinas, Juan Carlos Baglietto and Walter Laborde.  Together they rescue and evoke Troilo’s sensibility.

The cinematographic critics have pointed out that in a film 82 minutes long, Turnes understands – by means of Pichuco – that the artist is his voice (the inclusion of an old and well known recitation, towards the end of the film, executed by Troilo, stands out), his heritage, his influence, and above all, a city and a place which culturally define and construct him. 

Thank you “Pichuco” for this unforgettable voyage.

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