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Tango & Cinema: ¡Tango! (1933)

Tango as an articulate language.

Luis Moglia Barth´s movie “¡Tango!” is an example of how complicated dialogues are not necessary for transmitting emotions. This film lacks long conversations among its leading parts, but chooses music as an articulate, direct and refreshing tool.

Music, especially tango, and the dance beautifully executed by the leading roles, demonstrate and transmit the emotional and sentimental force that tango carries in its veins. Through rhythms and gesture the sensuality, passion, lust, luxury and respect are transmitted since its origins.

The movie´s plot is portrayed through different tango pieces, among them, one that makes a statement about love between different social backgrounds and other on how this love must face social challenges.

Some of the figures that can be seen in the movie are: the epic Tita Merello; Libertad Lamarque; Alberto Gómez; Pepe Arias; Luis Sandrini; Juan Sarcione; Azucena Maizani and starring the great musician Juan D’Arienzo, who makes a cameo playing himself.

The movie also features the tango orchestra of Juan de Dios Filiberto, Osvaldo Fresedo and Pedro Maffia, who made music collaborations to the songs performed by Tita Merello.

¡Tango! Success was huge and made a mark as the first optic sound film.  

On the same line, the INCAA (ARGENTINE NATIONAL CINEMA INSTITUTE OF AUDIOVISUAL ARTS) restored the movie in a Project of recovery of classic Argentine cinema. After this, it achieved HD quality.

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