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Tango & Cinema: “Tango, a strange turn” (2005)

A documentary movie that shows us how tango still stands tall even after a century of lifetime.

On this occasion we (the editorial of tango and the seventh art) have decided to get away from fiction in order to provide a valuable piece that studies our tango through different generations and from the artistic point of view of the interpreters present in the piece: composers, singers, dancers and others.

The film “Tango, a strange turn” (2005), is a musical documentary dieted by Mercedes García Guevara in which she searches new emerging talents through the XXI Century.

The purpose of the piece is to compare the transformations that tango has been through since its birth up till then. Exploring the golden years in the 1930´s and 1940´s, the silence during war times, its oblivion in the 80´s due to new musical cultures and its rebirth in the XXI Century with an alternative tango filled with new proposals and offerings.

This documentary piece is 95 minutes long, which is a perfect timing to circumnavigate the life of its four contemporary protagonists: composers Acho Estol and Fernando Otero, singer Dolores Solá and dancer Juan Fossati. The main objective of this four artists is to demonstrate that tango, although being more than 100 years old, is still standing, not just in the memory or discs of the elderly, but also in the DNA of the new generations.

After its release “Tango, a strange turn”, got very good critics from directors, journalists, documentalists and the tango audience as well. This is why we link below an extract of this piece and we encourage you to watch it.

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