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Tango & Cinema: “Tango, don´t you ever leave me.”

In 1998, the Spanish movie director Carlos Saura, who was used to make social criticism through his films, decided to get away from his methodic production and take on the advuntre of directing a romantic/dramatic musical revolving around tango. He called the project “Tango” and after its release, several media in his country qualified the tape as “ Saura´s best movie in the last years and one of the best tango movies ever made”

“Tango” is not only an excellent movie, but it has also become an audiovisual masterpiece in the tango cult that flatters milonga music and dance. This purpose is achieved by the participation of iconic tango figures, such as dancers and choreographers Juan Carlos Copes, Carlos Rivarola and Julio Bocca.

Furthermore, musically speaking, Saura “washed his hands” (inteligentelly) and handed the sountrack to the magnificent Lalo Schiffrin, who composed new songs such as “Los inmigrantes”(the inmigrants), “Tango para percusión”(tango for percusion) and “Tango al atardecer” (tango at dawn), and also allowed us to resonate with other tango classics through the film´s 120 minutes such as “La cumparsita”, “El cholo” and “Caminito”.

The films dramatic plot is unraveled through the main´s character story: Mario Suarez (Miguel Ángel Solá), an unkown film director who is heartbroken because of the abandonment of his love. Suarez tries to shelter from this by diving himself in the movie he is producing, and it is then, when he finds love again. This time, he falls in love his the movie´s leading actress, a dancer who is in a relationship with a mafia criminal who, at the same time, is investing money in the movie.

The movie is an excilarating and elegant production in which Saura captivates the presence of the tango tradition. He confessed, more tha once, that his interest for tango goes back to his childhood. When he saw his father dancing tango in his living room while, suposedly, imitating Carlos Gardel.

In 1999, “Tango” was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Film category. However, the award was given to “Life is beautiful” by Italian Roberto Benigni. Nevertheless, the movie received awards in other prestigeous festivals such as Cannes and Goya.


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