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Tango & Cinema: Tango returns to Paris (1948).

A film directed by Argentine lyricist and filmmaker Manuel Romero which stars great artists from the 1940s, such as Alberto Castillo, Elvira Ríos, Severo Fernández, Fernando Lamas, Lilian Valmar and Anibal Troilo.

This film is one of the few which includes the spectacular composer and accordion player Aníbal Troilo and his Orchestra as protagonists.  Romero also includes a beaming and very attractive story to join Alberto Castillo and Troilo’s Orquestra for the very first, and only, time in history.

The film, which is presented in black and white format, tells the story of a doctor who arrives at Paris looking for a beautiful Mexican singer (Elvira Ríos).  Once there, the man finds Tango and starts to learn to become a “cantor”, that is, a tango singer.

Once transformed, the new tango singer joins Troilo’s magnificent orchestra and performs songs, one of them being “Ninguna”, “Griseta”, “Muñeca brava”, “Nubes de humo” and “La canción de Buenos Aires”.

The film is 85 minutes long, and even though it was filmed 1945, it maintains its charm due to the excellence of the technology that was used to make it.  The film was produced at a time in which argentine cinema was trying to become world-wide known through adaptations of the great argentine musical pieces, theatrical pieces and literature.  The result has been the great acceptance it still receives from its audiences.

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