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Tango & Cinema: Tango, your life (2012)

Tango your life is a documentary with takes place in Buenos Aires, produced and directed by Korean Chan Park, who is also the author of the book titled “Tango Zen: Walking and Meditating while Dancing”.

In his film, after spending four years in Buenos Aires, Chan tells us about his discovery of Tango as a culture, about its music, its dance, about friendship, love and daily life in this huge city, each of which have contributed to him discovering his inner passion for life.  He highlights that Tango can only be experimented in this city. 

He appreciates that Buenos Aires dancers are more centred on feelings, connexion, walking and the music, than on steps or techniques. 

In this documentary, he captures personal and intimate feelings through conversations with his tango friends and transmits his passion and his love for Tango when he listens to them and watches them dance.  In conclusion, life itself dances Tango.

Chan Park, from a different culture, leads us to a common path of feeling and passion for life. Life, in short, dances the Tango.

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