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Tango & Cinema: Tanguez (2014)

Throughout 23 minutes, this documentary which takes place in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, is organized by the Street Milonga Tango Association and Yuyo Brujo and is produced by the Ministry of Culture and Education through Grupo Tango MEC, the National Committee of Uruguay for UNESCO, the Nation’s Cultural Heritage Committee, Culture’s Management and Tango’s Support Interministerial Committee, present to us the celebration held on October the 5th and 6th, 2013, of which the central topic was “Tango”.

More than 500 people from the Uruguayan community participated, and it records more than fourteen hours of mobile milongas in emblematic buildings of Montevideo in which Tango is liberated from its bastions to make it public, capturing the attention of hundreds of spectators. 

To do “tangueces” means to use Tango as a source of inspiration.

By means of its voice and its dance, displaying its value and its good health, this documentary proves that Tango won’t die in Uruguay. 

We invite you to see this documentary. 

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