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Tango & Cinema: The Last Accordeon (2005)

Under Alejandro Saderman’s direction, and throughout 94 minutes, this documentary offers new tango’s current perspective of the Argentinian accordion player, director, teacher, composer and musical arranger Rodolfo Mederos and the young accordion player Marina Gayotto, who makes a living playing this instrument in buses and subways.

On one hand, the film illustrates this young accordion player’s life, who attends an audition summoned by Mederos to form his new typical orchestra, and yet her ever moving accordion makes it impossible for her to develop the best possible sound (the fueye loses air which means less can be performed with a bigger opening), which motivates the possibility of obtaining the mytical Double A (the equivalent of a Stradivarius for an accordion) necessary to be at the commitment’s level.

This search becomes a voyage for those who commercialize and repair the instrument, for those who participate in the Milongas (such as Lidia and Lito Pillippini, 2004 ball room champions, El Pibe Sarandi and Ofelia Rosito), and for old accordion player glories (such as Marcos Madrigal, Luis Masturini, Miguel Mastantuono and Luis Aníbal), who gather on Saturdays afternoons to play because they love doing so.

On the other hand, we are witnesses of Medero’s generosity, who recuperates and trasmits the tango legacy, who facilitates his own accordion, which he received from Astor Piazzolla, so that Gayotto can practice throughout her voyage. 

This documentary reflects Tango’s value and vitality, aswell as it vivacioulsy transmits it to new generations. 

We invite you to watch the complete documentary while eating pop-corn:

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