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Tango & Cinema: “The Tango Lesson” (1997)

“Tango chose me”

British director Sally Potter used an important amount of dance to develop the plot of the movie “The tango lesson”. In cinema this tool is a great challenge to use in order to maintain the audience captured by the movie, but virtuos Potter resolved the challenge in the 100 minutes production delivering a good story, interesting photography, hypnotizing music. and professional dances.

Sally has a double role in her movie: behind the cameras as a director and in front of it as a leading role. She portrays, in an almost autobiographical way, a movie director and writer who is frustrated with her last projects. She travel to Paris, in order to find inspiration, and when she is there she encounters the movie plot, tango and a dance professor.

The professor is portrayed by Pablo Verón, one of the world ́s finest tango dancers, and his role in the movie consists on teaching tango to Sally, after she sees him in a show. Sally asks him to teach her the tango dance in exchange of including him in one of her future productions.

After engaging in this relationship, Sally returns back home. However she will meet Pablo again, but this time, it is going to be different.

The musical elements that are featured in the movie, like Carlos Gardel ́s “Mi Buenos Aires querido” and Astor Piazzolla ́s “Libertango” transport us to a romantic atmosphere, where dance, dialogues and behaviors portrayed by the leading roles are also a key ingredient to the wakening of the senses.

The movie contains scenes from Argentina and France, and was released in a black and white format in 1997. Shortly after it won Best movie award in the Mar del Plata Festival.

Among other beautiful dialogues, we would like to highlight the following sentences, which reflect the feelings most of us have:

Sally: “How did you choose to dance tango?”
Pablo: “I didn ́t. Tango chose me”.

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