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Tango & Cinema: “True lies” (1994)

Schwarzenegger and Por una Cabeza.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, the same that immortalized the phrase “hasta la vista, baby”. The big, strong, muscular man that portrayed a Hollywood model based on muscles and fiber. That same man. Can you imagine him dancing tango? Balancing his feet in an attempt to seduce?

Stop trying to imagine him and keep reading to find out. In the American movie “True Lies” directed by James Cameron. Shwarzenegger dresses in a gala suit, enters the dance hall and dances the iconic tango “Por una cabeza” in one of the most memorable scenes of the movie.

Harry Tasker is an intelligence spy (Schwarzenegger). At one point he is given a mission: go undercover inside the exclusive mansion of a weapon smuggler in Switzerland and while trying to attempt this, he comes across Skinner (Tia Carrere) with whom he interacts. And he finds himself between continuing undercover and seduce her in a planified way: by an invitation to dance tango.

The movie earnt 4 important awards such as Golden Globe, a Saturn Award and an American Comedy Award for Jamie Lee Curtis as Best Comedy Actress. The fourth award was given to Best Music in the ASCAP awards.


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