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Tango in the streets: we’re looking for a singer on the streets of Santiago, Chile

We’re looking for Daniel Valdés, a tango singer from Santiago, Chile, who enamored all who come through the area.

From Santiago de Chile there’s a rumor going about a tanguero that spends his time on the streets of the city, dressed in a suit and tie, with the sound of tango all around him. They’ve spotted his around the street Paseo Estado, very close to Plaza de Armas. With a powerful captivating voice, singing song by Carlos Gardel, Enrique Santos Discepolo and Alfredo De Angelis.

His name is Daniel Valdés, we know of him from the hundreds of tourists that are drawn to his voice and after videos and photos of him were shared online. All over social media, along every platform and forum, he’d become viral. He’d reached and received the applause of thousands if not hundred thousand from the same corner where he enamors his fellow santiaguino/as.

Here at Tango Fashion we’re fascinated by his work. So much that we want to join the wave of praise and want to dedicate him a well-earned congratulations. To do this, we want to reach out to him. We’d like to get to know him and have the opportunity to sit down and have a great tanguero conversation. We want to hear his story, learn more about his musical history and for his lover of tango. We want his testimony so we can share it with you all.

Our job consist of bringing life to the beautiful art molonguero through the interweaving of past masterpieces and promoting talent in the present. To accomplish this goal, we need the help of the entire Tango Fashion Community. If you are in Santiago, Chile or nearby or even in China, please help us with your voice to find this street performer.

We encourage you to spread the word about this small note. And when the message to him, tell him there is a group of people that are waiting for him with arms wide open to take his musical fingerprint and share it with the world.

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