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September brings the Tango “Indie” to Buenos Aires

For a month, Buenos Aires is going to be the stage to more than 80 independent tango events. The musical offerings will range from classic tango to a mix of rhythms and genres.

Buenos Aires is preparing for one of its largest tango events ever. On Sunday, September 1 st , marks the beginning of the third edition of the FACAFF, 17 excitement filled nights, with pure tango throughout the month. The participants all ranging from different styles and genres of tango on 3 different stages.

Between the bands, soloists and a variety of other groups, coming together to offer an innovative and trend changing view that only the FACAFF can offer. With tango as the central pillar of the festival, the public can enjoy tango in all its forms from traditional tango, sung by Osvaldo, or a mix of EDM and Rock.

Walter Coccarro, a member of the group in charge of operations and coordinated the event said to local media: “Tango is currently undergoing a renaissance. In the space we’ve offered for expression and artistic free we see that the community is after and what’s growing more and more popular at these events (FACAFF). With this event we hope to offer the same space that’s available to smaller orchestras as well as more well-trained artists, that haven’t established themselves in popular culture yet of Musica Portenña. Here we focus on the self-evaluation of the artists, the music, the work, all manifesting in an event that let’s those outside of the traditional means of communication be heard.”

The three spaces that have been set aside by the city of Buenos Aires for the festival this year are; Club Atlético Fernández Fierro, El Espacío Cultural Benigno and La Catedral Clb. As well as stands along the stages, of each venue, offering the exhibit “Taller de Fotografia de Tango 2019” produced by the studio of Marcelo Gurruchaga.

Entrance to the festival will be sold either through pre-orders, at 200ar$ or roughly 3.50u$d, or general admission for 300 ar$, or about 5 u$d. In either case a donation of a non-perishable good is required to pick up the ticket. At the Catedral Club venue, tickets for CAFF or Benigno work every night of the event. 
For more information, purchasing your ticket, or details about the schedule, which ends on September 29 th , visit their official website FACFF

© images credits: http://caff.com.ar

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