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The dance floor is Russian and Argentine

In Salon Tango at the Tango World Cup, the fusion between the Russian, Maksim Gerasimov, and the Argentina, Agustina Piaggio, were the winning couple.

The International Tango Festival and World Cup held in Buenos Aires this year saw the Russian dancer, Maksim Gerasimov, and the Argentine dancer, Agustina Piaggio, as its champions for the ballroom category. After coming in third the previous year and overcoming over 40 couples to reach the top.

As it’s done each year, at the emblematic Porteño stage of Luna Park, the birthplace and coronation of the new champions of ballroom at the Tango World Cup in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. This time it was the Argentine dancer, Agustina Piaggio, and her partner the Russian Dancer, Maksim Gerasimov, together were able to bring home a victory from the milonga of the year.

40 couples made their way to the dancefloor for the final from all around the world, they came to Buenos Aires with the goal of winning the prestigious title. The 40 teams were divided into 4 rounds of 10 couples each. The couples stepping into the ballroom to show the panel of 7 judges that they were the best in the world. The judges were composed of renowned dancers and choreographers.

Gerasimov and Piaggio fought their way through over 27 rounds of prelimniaries competeing around the world. Even though they still had to compete against 39 other couples, the road to the world cup started with a staggering 1500 couples this year. The other two couples to place were the Argentinian, Suyay Quieroga and Diego Chandia, as well as the Russian, Dimitri Astafev and Irinia Ponomareva.

The new champions of the Ballroom category, Agustina Piaggio, fell in love with Tango at a young age. Born in southern regions of Argentina in the city of Rio Grande, she soon found herself living in Buenos Aires in order to surround herself completely in the beautiful art and rythem of Tango. She became a teacher, sharing her love and passion with others. After some time, her bags were packed and it was time to show the world the beauty that she saw in Tango. Landing in Japan it was there where she began a new chapter in her life becoming a professional dancer.

In her travels, teaching and preforming tango, she found her partner, Maksim Gerasimov. In Rome the pair found themselves alone in a ballroom. Gerasimov, at this point in his life an accomplished ballroom dancer, had grown tired of these rhythms and found himself entrance by the sounds and movements of the Porteño dance. With Agustina’s help and Gerasimov’s will, the pair came together to create a winning formula that brought them to the top.

The winners received a monetary prize as well as other wonderful prize, such as an all expense paid trip to Madrid, Spain.

© images credits: Ignacio Sánchez

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